Join us in person on Sundays!

The gathering of God’s people is essential to the life of the church. That’s why we’re excited to be back together for services. But we are not proceeding without care and compassion. We have made some changes to how and where we gather.


We've received an update from the BC Centre for Disease Control that allows us to open up our Sunday services to more people! We can facilitate up to 50 people per service in our balcony section.
It is first come, first serve, and anyone and everyone is welcome!
Our doors open at 9:30 am and will be locked at 10:00 am
The staircase entrance is at the front of the building.  A greeter will be there to welcome and guide you!
No pre-registration is required.


We have transformed our sanctuary downstairs into spaced out living room pods.
 These pods are reserved for our many different Revival groups on a rotating schedule.

Revival group leaders will let their groups know what Sundays they are
scheduled to attend the in-person Sunday service.
In keeping with current BC regulations, maximum of people will be granted access to the main floor.
We can also facilitate up to 50 people per service in our downstairs section.
The doors will open at 9:30 am and locked at 10:00 am.
It is first come, first serve for scheduled Revival group members, until 9:45 am.
After 9:45 am our downstairs is open for anyone to join, until we reach maximum capacity.
The entrance for our downstairs services is around the back of the building, close to Save on Foods.

Contact Tracing

Anyone entering the building will be required to provide their name and
contact email or phone number for contact tracing purposes.
This is in keeping with current BC regulations.

If You're Feeling Unwell

The service is also being live-streamed our website or Facebook or YouTube!
We ask that anyone with health concerns please stay home and enjoy the live-streamed
service on Facebook, YouTube or even directly from the church website.

No Childcare Available During Sunday Services

Please be advised that there will be no Sunday Kids Program at the in-person Sunday service.
Parents will remain responsible for their children during our Sunday services.
Parents are encouraged to bring a few toys, or quiet activities for their children to enjoy while at church.

For families sitting in the balcony, the Parenting Room will be open for families with babies
and one Sunday School room will be made available for older children.
All children must be accompanied at all times by their parent/guardian.

Whether you're joining us upstairs, or downstairs, 
we cannot wait to see you!

Our Sunday Service begins at 10:00 am PST.

Our Children's component begins 20 minutes prior to our service time.

Do you have any questions? Email newlife@newlife.bc.ca