Meet Our Pastors

Our Senior Pastor

Matti Koopman

Matti was born in London, UK, to Finnish and Dutch/Scottish parents. Despite a life changing entry into the Kingdom of God in his  early teens, he wrestled with the dissonance between what he read in the pages of the Bible and what he experienced in his own faith walk. Whilst he was growing in his knowledge about God, he knew little a personal relationship with God. Hungry for the more of Him and His power, Matti had a dramatic Holy Spirit, Baptism of love and power in his late teens, in which he heard the voice of God for the first time in his life. The encounter planted in him the passion for the Face of God and revival which has marked his life ever since.
Matti has had a passion for establishing a thriving culture that builds a deep connection to God, attracts the life of the Kingdom and sustains revival. He has experienced many outpourings of the Holy Spirit in his ministry, and miracles and healings regularly take place as Matti equips people to see the Kingdom of God.
 Matti married his childhood love, Jodie at age 22. Jodie, is a Kiwi (New Zealander). They live in Kelowna, BC, Canada with together with their three amazing children, Grace, Olivia and William, dog and three cats.

Our Senior Associate Pastor

Donna Petch

Donna and Malcolm love the people of New Life and are whole-heartedly committed to the truth that the local church is God’s Kingdom Presence for transforming the world. The Petches have called New Life home for 34 years and, in fact, became part of the church before they were even married! After a temporary move from her hometown of Victoria BC in 1986 to attend Bible College in Kelowna, Donna met Malcolm, who was born and raised in Kelowna and was studying at the same Bible College; they fell in love and married 10 months later! They had a couple of brief stints in Port Coquitlam and Williams Lake but NLC Kelowna has always been home.
Donna and Malcolm are sometimes asked why they are still involved at the same church after all these years; New Life is their family. In 2 Corinthians 5:14 it says, “It is Christ’s love that fuels our passion and motivates us, because we are absolutely convinced that He has given His life for all of us...” Malcolm and Donna know that the full and empowering grace they’ve seen at work in their own lives is available to everyone, and they love taking the time to help people understand how good God really is, how Jesus’ blood has fully paid for everything and how significant each person truly is! “God’s provision of grace is utterly and completely a gift that is available to all of us!” Malcolm was the Worship Pastor for many years at NLC and is still involved in various ways in the Worship/Arts ministries. He loves God’s presence and seeing others experience God’s presence. He also loves teaching and speaking and especially sharing the message of God’s “Amazing Grace”! They are both elders at NLC.

As the Senior Associate Leader, Donna’s oversight and focus covers areas including Congregational Care, Community Life, Family Ministries, the Transformation Centre and overseeing NLC’s Operations (Admin/Facility and Finance). Donna loves working with the leaders and teams of these various areas and enjoys the time she gets to devote to the Transformation Centre, where she and other caring leaders bring life-changing biblical truth and the love of God to people through ministries and courses such as Keep Your Love On, Loving Your Kids on Purpose, SOZO, Life Groups, and other life-transforming teachings and group interactions designed to bring transformation spiritually, emotionally, relationally and even socially. She loves mentoring people, parents and leaders. Donna is a “Hope Releaser”! One of Donna’s favourite verses is Romans 15:13 “Now may God, the inspiration and fountain of hope, fill you to overflowing with uncontainable joy and perfect peace as you trust in Him. And may the power of the Holy Spirit continually surround your life with his super-abundance until you radiate (and bubble over) with hope!”

Malcolm and Donna were privileged to be part of New Life when the Holy Spirit fell powerfully in the early days. They love seeing how He is still at work in the hearts and lives of the New Life church family. The absolute joy of their lives is contained in their three adult children (and spouses) and two (to date) grandchildren. The Petches are quick to say that they know the Kingdom is built on family, right from the intertwining Family of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the wonder of blood-related family, and into the majesty and grace of spiritually-related family, where people who love Jesus are brought together with a bond that lasts longer than life itself. One of Donna’s favourite quotes is “God takes the lonely and sets them in families,” from Psalm 68:6 (TPT) where it says, “To the fatherless He is a father. To the widow He is a champion friend. To the lonely He makes them part of a family.” They are thankful and honoured to be a part of the New Life Team and Family.

Our Worship Group Pastor 

Daniel Nunez

& Our Young Adult's Pastor

Janelle Nunez

Daniel and Janelle Nunez are both really passionate about serving the local church whole heartedly. Creating healthy community, that go after God’s heart and living authentically and unashamed of who God created them to be, are two of their greatest values. Daniel and Janelle aim to manifest God’s Kingdom in everything they do.
“Matthew 10:8
You must continually bring healing to lepers and to those who are sick, and make it your habit to break off the demonic presence from people, and raise the dead back to life. Freely you have received the power of the kingdom, so freely release it to others.”

Daniel was born in the United States and raised in Mexico, Janelle is originally from Vernon BC. They both met in Redding California during their time completing three years at Bethel’s Supernatural School of Ministry. They currently reside in beautiful Kelowna where they are raising their two beautiful daughters, Havilah Yohéved (2017) and Royal Valencia (2019).

Worship Arts Group

Daniel leads the worship and arts teams at New Life Centre which consist of: dancing, flagging, worship music, sound, AV, live stream and media crew.

“Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men”

It is our outmost privilege to serve our King Jesus. How we serve is a reflection of our gratefulness and the overflow of His love for us. Because He is worth it and all we do is unto Him, we strive for excellence  and not performance. Out of our deep connection with our God we choose to give Him what He deserves, ALL.

Undone Young Adults

Janelle is the UYA Pastor. The Young Adult’s ministry is called Undone because “we are never done growing and learning” and “we allow ourselves to be unraveled before Jesus”. Her heart and passion is to see people become consumed by Jesus’ goodness and His love, and discover their true identity of who He created them to be. Janelle loves equipping the saints and giving them the tools and resources as she points people to Jesus. She is a builder and has an amazing team around her, including her husband.  

“Song of Songs 4:9
 For you reach into my heart. With one flash of your eyes I am UNDONE by your love, my beloved, my equal, my bride.You leave me breathless—I am overcome by merely a glance from your worshiping eyes, for you have stolen my heart. I am held hostage by your love and by the graces of righteousness shining upon you”